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Red winemaking:

First the grapes are handpicked and after destalking and crushing, the fermenting process takes place in small temperature controlled stainless steel vats thanks to the original yeasts from the vineyard ; and that lasts about 4 weeks. After the malolactic fermentation (due to indigenious bacterias from our cellar), the wine ages 12 to 14 months in french oak casks (33 % new french oak every year), topped up each week and racked every 3 months for a natural clarification, since there is no final fining nor filtering in order to respect both the fruit and the expression of the soil.

White winemaking:

The grapes are hand picked in one morning and are immediately gently pressed in a pneumatic press. The juice is cooled down to 16°C and pumped into new french oak casks for a 3 week-fermenting process (with original yeasts from the vineyard) then pumped back into a stainless steel vat for blending the different casks together, then pumped anew into the oak casks and left 6 months to mature in the cellar until bottling the following late spring. There is no filtration nor any fining.
So we now produce a truer natural wine with minimal sulphites.

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