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the vineyard

Château Mirebeau estate is a hillock of just over ten acres of old gravelly soil lying over a complex sub-soil composed of clay, sand and chalk sediments with sea-fossiles. This natural complexity endows our Mirebeau wines with a deep-red colour and silky tannins.
Château Mirebeau lies approximately 38-40 m above sea-level and its sole production consists in red wines produced with 70 % merlot, 20 % cabernet sauvignon, 5 % petit verdot and 5 % carmenere (density : 7200 trees per ha)
The vines are on average 20 years
About the white wines, 1500 sauvignon vinetrees (0,5 acre, with a density of 8000 trees per ha) were carefully selected according to their specific adaptation to the white marl plot where they were to be planted, on a north facing slope so as to protect the typicity of the varietal against the summer heat. Luckily the plot is surrounded by the houses from an urban development that somehow protect the trees from spring frosts. They produce an elegant and lush white Mirebeau.

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