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Overlooking the village of Martillac, Château Mirebeau is a fine twelve-acre estate, besieged by the sprawling suburban development of Martillac commune, but holding out, providing the village with a precious green belt. The main building dates back to the XVII th century with very old tulip-trees along it. From this house, the view extends towards Bordeaux and the Garonne valley, a view that Alexandre Dumas's grand-daughter enthused about, around 1920. Obviously, the vineyard had been planted on the top of that hillock to enjoy the best periods of sunshine and a natural draining through top-soil gravel.
Our white wine is produced by 1500 sauvignon vinetrees recently planted (density : 8000 trees/ha) on a small white marl plot that has always been part of the Mirebeau estate, miraculously saved from a creeping urban development : the Heliotropes Estate, hence the "cuvée"'s name.

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