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our biodynamic approach

We are lucky to own only 4 ha. Our biodynamic approach is then possible.
Biodynamic Agriculture requires flexible labourforce that can be used at specific times as well as equipment. For example, a biodynamic treatment takes place at 6 am : for 4 ha, it takes us 1 hour. The priviledged location of the vineyard on its hillock in the heart of the village (away from any potentially polluting neighbouring vineyard) enables the grapes to mature fully.

Everything, in the vineyard or in the cellar, is done on a fruit day.
In spring (around mid march), we use horn-dung that has been left over in the soil throughout the winter. It is dynamized in water for 1 hour and then sprayed over the soil at dusk. The soil must have been prepared beforehand by removing the strip of earth that had been ploughed around the vines in autumn.
We use horn silica dynamized and sprayed early in the morning over the trees like a mist 3 times : 2 days before the full moon of april, may and june.
In autumn, after harversting, we use horn silica (dynamized and sprayed) late in the evening over the trees to improve the strength of the wood.
In mid october, we use cow's compost, dynamised for 20 minutes and sprayed over the trees in the afternoon.
We sprayed dynamized herb teas of willow and horsetail (home grown, home picked and dried). Sometimes, meadowsweet could be used but there is none to be found on the estate).

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